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General office cleaning includes:


  • clean and sanitize toilet bowls, seats, urinals and sinks
  • clean and polish faucets
  • empty trash containers and dispose of the trash
  • clean all mirrors and leave them streak free
  • remove splash marks from around the sink area and soap dispensers
  • spot clean and wipe all partitions and doors
  • clean and refill (from your stock) all dispensers
  • ​sweep, mop and sanitize the floors
  • damp wipe all tables and countertops
  • spot clean all chairs
  • wipe and spot clean cabinet exteriors
  • wipe and spot clean any vending machines
  • vacuum/sweep and damp mop the floors
  • clean microwave ovens inside and outside
  • ​clean the refrigerator exterior
  • Dust tops of furniture, shelves, copiers, faxes, phones, etc. 

  • ​high dusting of ledges, door frames, picture frames, etc.low 

  • dusting of furniture rails and legs, sideboards, ledges, vents, etc.

  • ​empty and wipe all ashtrays

  • dust mini blinds

  • ​vacuum and spot clean all upholstered furniture

  • wipe all vinyl furniture

  • clean, sanitize and wipe dry all water fountains

  • vacuum the carpets

  • mop the floors

  • clean any mats and rugs

  • clean partition glass

  • empty trash containers and dispose of the trash, replace the trash bags (from your stock)

  • remove any cob webs

  • ​entrance glass door will be cleaned and left spotless


Thank you for considering clean time as your janitorial service provider. We consider you office your home away from home, as you spend most of your week there. Your janitorial needs will be addressed with great attention to detail.

We take care of many local businesses' cleaning needs with great success and we can provide references upon request. We are able to accommodate your needs and work within your business hours, before or after your business hours or on weekends. We will be happy to see your property and provide you with a quote. Please, contact us.

When it's time to clean, call CLEAN TIME!!
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